WP Tutorial 3: How to reset wordpress password from phpmyadmin or cpanel

How to reset wordpress password from phpmyadmin or cpanel

In this tutorial i will tell you how to reset your WordPress password from phpMyAdmin. This is a essential task to know how to reset password from database. this trick will helps you a lot to recover the password,

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Summary of this Tutorial:

-Start by logging in to your host’s cpanel and go to your phpMyAdmin.
-Next find your WordPress database
-Then look for the wp_users table and click edit on the user
-Now you will need to edit your plain text into md5 using the converter below
-Paste the md5 password into the user_pass field and click go.

It will tell you 1 row was affected and checkmark that it was successful.

MD5 Generator: https://www.md5hashgenerator.com/

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